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Engadine’s National Disability and Mental Health Services (NDMHS) is renowned for its dedication to delivering an expansive suite of support services, which are meticulously designed to cater to the unique and diverse needs of individuals with disabilities within the area.

Our primary objective is to elevate the quality of life for our clients by providing tailored care and professional guidance. We want to provide help in your journey towards independence and enhanced social engagement. Our primary services include:

Our main services include:

Turn to our expert NDIS team in Menai for personalised disability support. Reach out at 1300-173-002 or visit our website for your journey towards autonomy.

NDMHS is celebrated for its bespoke care plans, an experienced team of experts, a wide-ranging selection of support services, adaptable and prompt assistance, and a steadfast dedication to fostering community participation and empowerment. Start your NDIS adventure with us in Engadine to achieve your personal goals and enhance your overall quality of life.

What We Offer

Our Services

In Engadine, NDMHS is steadfast in its mission to offer a wide variety of NDIS services, specifically designed to cater to the individual demands of our clients in this lively community. Our commitment is towards personalised service to ensure everyone benefits from the highest level of support and attention.

As a recognised NDIS provider, National Disability and Mental Health Services...

At National Disability and Mental Health Services (NDMHS), we understand the complex...

NDMHS is a registered NDIS provider that provides a wide range of disability, aged...

National Disability and Mental Health Services (NDMHS) excels in delivering tailored...

If you love living independently but also require some form of support, Supported...

If you have high support needs, NDMHS offers a Supported Disability Accommodation...

Discover the transformative power of impeccable Yard and Lawn Maintenance...

National Disability and Mental Health Services (NDMHS) specializes in NDIS Household...

Tailoring Your NDIS Plan

Embrace a Brighter Future: National Disability and Mental Health Services as Your NDIS Guide

Deciding to work with National Disability and Mental Health Services as your NDIS advisor is a vote for a company that truly gets your unique goals and needs. Our dedication lies in delivering unparalleled care and assistance, meticulously crafted for each individual's specific needs.

Personalised Care Strategies

We develop care plans uniquely tailored to align with your personal needs and objectives, offering a custom-fit path through your NDIS journey.

Skilled Professional Team

Our team is composed of professionals with a wealth of experience in the disability and mental health sectors. They are dedicated to offering insightful and compassionate support.

All-encompassing Support Services

Our umbrella of services covers a broad range of disability and mental health support to provide a cohesive and integrated approach that meets all your needs.

Flexible and Evolving Support

Our services are designed to be adaptable, which means they can be adjusted to your evolving needs to ensure that the support you receive is always pertinent and impactful.

Empowerment through Community Engagement

With a strong emphasis on promoting independence and community involvement, we encourage and support your active engagement in social and communal endeavours.

Selecting National Disability and Mental Health Services means making a smart decision for a supportive, understanding and empowering NDIS journey.

Access Top-Tier NDIS Disability Assistance at NDMHS Engadine

Engadine’s NDMHS offers exceptional disability support under the NDIS, providing customised solutions and professional support to empower your independence.


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