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As a recognised NDIS provider, National Disability and Mental Health Services (NDMHS) is not just another support service in the vast sea of options. We are a beacon for those traversing the complex journey of disability and mental health challenges. Our deep-rooted understanding stems from our commitment to individual empowerment and our belief that every journey, no matter how intricate, deserves a personalised touch.

With our NDIS Support Coordination services in Sydney, we aim to bridge the gap between your needs and the myriad of services available. Our dedicated NDIS Support Coordinators ensure you don’t just navigate the system, but you thrive within it, unlocking the full potential of your NDIS plan.

What Is Support Coordination?

NDMHS is a registered NDIS provider, and we specialise in offering Support Coordination. This service is designed to assist NDIS participants in maximising the benefits of their support plans. Our Support Coordinators help individuals navigate their NDIS plans, ensuring they connect with appropriate service providers and receive personalised support.

For a clear visual understanding, consider watching this official NDIS video on Support Coordination.

Tailoring Your NDIS Plan

How Our NDIS Support Coordination Sydney​ Make a Difference

At NDMHS, our mental health ndis support coordinators are here to simplify and enhance your NDIS journey:

Knowledge Empowerment

We ensure you're well-versed in optimising your NDIS funds and understanding your choices.

Provider Selection

We carefully curate a selection of providers aligned with your goals and location.

Strategic Plan Implementation

We execute your NDIS plan effectively, ensuring you derive maximum benefits

Self-Management Support

We guide you in confidently managing your support and navigating diverse community engagement opportunities.

Flexible Funding Guidance

We assist in understanding and flexibly utilising your funding according to your evolving needs.

Value Optimisation

We ensure your plan brings you maximum value and quality of life.

Crisis Management

Our coordinators are skilled in managing crises and fostering your integration into the community.

At NDMHS, we believe that your NDIS plan is a stepping stone to a world of opportunities and growth. Our Disability Support Coordinators are dedicated to making this journey enriching and seamless for you.

Exploring NDMHS Reach: NDIS Support Across Sydney

National Disability and Mental Health Services(NDMHS) takes pride in offering unparalleled support coordination services across diverse regions of Sydney. Our dedicated team works relentlessly to empower individuals in navigating the NDIS planning process and efficiently choosing service providers tailored to their needs.

Our services extend across key regions in Sydney:

In every region, NDMHS stands as a beacon of support and coordination. Our unwavering commitment to facilitating impactful connections between individuals and services ensures that every client experiences a fulfilling and empowered journey through the NDIS landscape.

Why Choose National Disability and Mental Health Services(NDMHS) for Support Coordination in Sydney?

Choosing NDMHS as your ally in support coordination in Sydney comes with a host of benefits:

Expertise Across Domains

Our team of specialised staff has extensive experience in support coordination for people with psychosocial disabilities, complex physical illnesses, intellectual and mental health diagnoses, and aged care.

Personalised Approach

At NDMHS, we believe in tailoring our services to cater to the distinct needs of every individual.

Swift & Efficient Services

Our streamlined referral processes ensure that there are no waiting periods, especially for urgent needs.

Comprehensive Support

From understanding your NDIS plan to ensuring its effective implementation, we provide all-encompassing support.

Advocacy & Guidance

Our coordinators advocate for you, ensuring you receive the support and services that align with your requirements every time.

Coverage Across Sydney

We offer a wide range of disability and mental health services spanning the entire Sydney Metropolitan Area.

Opting for NDMHS means choosing a partner dedicated to empowering you and simplifying your journey through the NDIS process.


Related To NDIS Support Services

NDIS Support Coordination is a service designed to assist participants in understanding and maximising their NDIS plan. In Sydney, a Support Coordinator helps you navigate through various service providers, connects you with relevant supports, and ensures that your plan is effectively implemented to meet your unique needs.

To find a suitable NDIS Support Coordinator in Sydney, you can start by searching the NDIS service provider directory, seeking recommendations from your local community or healthcare professionals, and exploring organisations such as National Disability and Mental Health Services (NDMHS) that specialise in tailored support coordination services.

A Disability Support Coordinator plays a crucial role in assisting NDIS participants to understand their plan, find and connect with service providers, negotiate agreements, and ensure that the services are delivered effectively. They also assist in monitoring the budget, advocate on behalf of the participants, and provide guidance during reviews.

Yes, NDIS Support Coordination services in Sydney are equipped to help participants in crisis situations. Support Coordinators can assist in quickly connecting participants with necessary supports, managing the situation, and modifying the support plan if needed to ensure ongoing well-being.

While both services aim to assist NDIS participants, Support Coordination focuses on connecting participants with suitable service providers and ensuring the effective implementation of their plan. On the other hand, Plan Management deals with the financial aspects of the NDIS plan, such as processing invoices, tracking budgets, and handling financial reporting.

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