Snowy Mountains Trip 2023

Embrace the Snowy Adventure with NDMHS! 

Discover the magic of our recent snowy mountain escapade! Immerse yourself in the highlights of our exhilarating journey, as we take you through the unforgettable moments that unfolded during our incredible expedition. 

The Road to Excitement: Our 4-day, 3-night expedition was filled with anticipation as we embarked on a picturesque journey to Perisher Valley. With music as our backdrop and spirits soaring, we sang along to radio tunes, basking in the joy of the adventure ahead. A mid-journey lunch break recharged us for the continued thrill. 

Cozy Comforts: Upon reaching Jindabyne, our rented holiday home enveloped us in warmth. Fatigue from travel melted away as we settled into our temporary haven. A delectable takeout dinner awaited, some embraced early rest while others indulged in invigorating Spa treatments. Mind-blowing relaxation and rejuvenation left us truly revitalized. 

Snowy Delights: Day 2 greeted us with enthusiasm as we fuelled up for snowfield conquests. Equipped from the rental shop, the adventure unfolded. Tobogganing took center stage, with laughter resonating as we glided down the slopes. While some revealed in excitement, others soaked in the snowy spectacle at their own pace. 

Unforgettable Bonding: Day 3 transformed us as camaraderie flourished amidst diverse activities. From pool dips to lawn bawls, newfound energy infused every moment. Mesmerizing sunsets along snowy riverbanks paved the way for lively board games, uniting us well into the night. 

Bittersweet Farewell: Our fourth day arrived, prompting us to bid adieu to cherished memories and our temporary sanctuary. Nature’s beauty beckoned, offering breathtaking views during the return journey. As the clock struck 5 pm, we returned to Sydney, leaving with hearts full and experiences etched in our souls. 

Connecting and Caring: At NDMHS, our passion lies in comprehensive support services for individuals with intellectual and mental health diagnoses. Our dedicated team specializes in assisting those with complex needs, guiding you through your NDIS journey. 

Reach out now at +61 483 044 703 or email us at info@ndmhs.com.au. For more insights, explore www.ndmhs.com.au. Let’s embark on a journey of care and empowerment together!  

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