Team Building - Ice Skating

Team Building – Ice Skating

There is a time to work and to play or even bond. Bearing this in mind, the NDMHS organized a satisfying TEAM BUILDING outing for the staff, and as usual, we are yet to get over the excitement. Its target was for the team to become closer and build trust. We appreciate the team’s efforts and understand that a little bit of fun and unwinding does not harm but would make the work seem lighter.

We all converged at the Liverpool Catholic Club on this day, where we had a lot to do other than work, including eating lots of food and interacting with new team members we met there.

Our Ice-skating experience at the Indoor Ice Rink was worth every second of our time, as that was the highlight of our day. Ice-Skating disco doubled up as fun and a form of exercise, thus making it unforgettable and more mind-blowing for some staff because they had their first Ice skating experience that day.

We achieved our main aim for embarking on this outing as we had a lot to talk about and got to know each other even better.

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