We visited Cockatoo Island

You surely would want to know how the last NDMHS monthly outing went down. The team always finds pleasure in ensuring our clients do not get weighed down by their disabilities. This time we decided to discover and explore the myriad of opportunities beyond Sydney, embarking on a visit to the almighty Cockatoo Island. Cockatoo Island, located at the heart of Sydney harbor, New South Wales Australia has been a source of intrigue and inspiration for visitors owing to its heritage buildings, distinctive terrain, and panoramic views. The Cockatoo Island, managed by the Sydney harbor Federation Trust, is fortified as a landmark harbor attraction with cultural events and heritage interpretation. Regular events and art installations are known to be a feature of Cockatoo Island, and several major events take place there. You may not find many cockatoos on Cockatoo Island, though there may still be some cawing from the red gum trees. However, many wonderful things are in this beautiful Harbor. Visitors can picnic, barbecue, visit the café, wander leisurely or take a guided tour of the vicinity. 

The clients converged at the Wharf, from where we took a ferry to the Islands. While on this journey, one can look at the majestic rounded edges of waterside backyards, the Opera House, and the corporate skyline shrink. Although there was an option for camping overnight, ours was just a day’s trip. We took delight in walking around the natural habitat of the Island, appreciating the view of the Sydney Harbor.

We enjoyed having a picnic along the waterfront, captured the beautiful moments at the picnic site, and took group photos. We sat by the waterside and chatted, socializing and playing card and board games (Uno). It was a mind-blowing experience exploring the history of the Island and as many things as we came across. This trip, like every other one we had before now, impacted positively on the social interaction of the clients, and we all looked forward to the next outing.

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