Trip to Lane Cove National Park

It was another thrilling weekend outing to Lane Cove National Park, not so far from Sydney’s center. Here can be a perfect place for your family’s day out or cooling off, and we were happy to have made this choice. One of the surest ways of distressing is by moving from a familiar setting to a new environment for an adventure and a picnic. The NDMHS, as a team, understands its positive effects on mental health.

We divided ourselves into three teams of 4 people. Two teams went on a paddle boat while the rest enjoyed a peaceful paddle down the river in a rowboat, exploring the tranquil bush settings and every beautiful thing we could see in the water. We had a Leisure picnic and ate pizza at one of the tables and sheltered sides.

Amazed by this landscape and beautiful glimpses, we looked forward to the coming weekend outings.

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