Weekend Outing - Painting

We tried something different
this last weekend’s outing, a painting event that unleashed our inner Picasso
and added to one of our best experiences. Thanks to art, a universal language
which had let us speak in different ways to convey parts of our thoughts and
emotions in painted works.

For the outing, the team and clients visited
the E G Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens Caringbah, where we enjoyed a
beautiful Saturday filled with colors, canvases, friends, and laughter, as
being around nature reduces anger, fear, and stress, and increases happiness.
We all engaged in the painting activity and created different pieces of art we
could relate to on paper with the painting materials provided.

Some clients played the Uno game after
painting. Asides from the fact that this game has constantly helped take the
pressure of their disabilities off their minds and lets everyone focus more on
the present time, its positive effect of creating unwavering bonds among
players is not new anymore. We also played different sports games in teams
afterward, and following all these enticing activities, I must say it was a

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