Weekend Outing to Ashfield Park

The NDMHS ensures all participants of NDIS have a shot at the best quality of life through social and recreation assistance achieved by encouraging and promoting social activities such as fortnight weekend outings.

Our clients and support workers materialized this plan by gathering at the Ashfield park to enjoy more of Sydney’s sunshine on a beautiful spring day. Being conscious of the various individual diets, we collectively decided for the food to be strictly vegan so that no one would be left out. We all had the grace to cook together as all participants ensured that everyone partook in the meal preparation. We were all involved in various duties ranging from grilling tomatoes and sausages to grilling onions, mushrooms, and other alternatives to meat products, thereby promoting veganism. This event highlighted the positive effect of working together as a team for a common purpose as the prompt successful outcome was thrilling.

To further observe the beautiful connection between motion and nature, we ensured that after eating, all the participants got involved in light health & physical activities. We encouraged everyone to engage in physical activities by playing with a soccer ball. Some participants and support workers joined in as others took up the option of soaking in the sun while having healthy conversations.

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