Weekend Outing to Oatley Park

We were all anticipating our usual fortnight outing bearing in mind that the NDMHS team is never known to go below expectations. We chose a picnic because this is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the afternoon while trusting that hosting these events will strengthen both the clients’ and support workers’ network.

All workers and clients linked up in one of Sydney’s most breathtaking destinations that day. Before we embarked on the journey, we ensured that we packed everything we needed in the car such as food, mats, and board games. We laid our items on the soft grass as we got there. We then grilled the sausages and spread the butter onto the rolls. While we waited for the food to grill and get ready, we found a way to entertain ourselves so as not to get bored.

After eating, we played board games, Sequence, and Uno cards. It was enjoyable and helped to lighten the mood of everyone. One of the participants suggested we go hiking, and we all agreed to the idea. Fortunately, it was indeed worth the while. We also took so many cute photos as we enjoyed the breathtaking view.

Everything that has a beginning has an end. It was time to head back, but the picnic was so relaxing that everyone was reluctant to leave. This trip gave us a different kind of bonding and showed us that we could rely on each other, especially if we needed anything. It also strengthened our relationship and social skills. We had so much fun and couldn’t help but look forward to next fortnight’s activity.

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