Can NDIS Help With Moving House?

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can ndis help with moving house

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Relocating to a new home can be an overwhelming experience, especially for individuals with disabilities who face unique challenges during this transition. This brings us to a crucial question: Can NDIS Help With Moving House? For many, this query is not just about logistical support but about maintaining independence and quality of life during a significant life change.

Yes, the NDIS can assist with moving house for participants with disabilities, focusing on individual needs. While generally viewed as an everyday expense, the NDIS makes exceptions for moves closely linked to disability needs, providing supports like removalist services and storage solutions.

Can NDIS Help With Moving House? – Brief Overview

When it comes to moving house, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers more than just a helping hand; it offers a lifeline. Understanding that each individual’s situation is unique, the NDIS evaluates moving house requests on a case-by-case basis. This approach ensures that those whose disability necessitates a move receive the necessary support. The assistance isn’t just generic; it’s tailor-made to suit specific needs, whether it’s ensuring the new home is accessible or providing removalist services for a seamless transition. The goal is not just to move belongings from one place to another but to ensure that the move enhances the participant’s ability to live independently and safely, all while maintaining the integrity and purpose of the NDIS.

Comprehensive NDIS Support Services at NDHMS

While NDHMS currently does not offer assistance with moving house, it’s important to understand how the NDIS can support this need. The NDIS recognizes the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities during relocation and offers tailored supports like removalist services and storage solutions. When NDHMS incorporates this service, we will update our offerings and provide a dedicated page with detailed information.

We at NDHMS strive to be a comprehensive resource for your NDIS plan and accessible services.

When NDIS Helps With Moving House

Navigating the complexities of moving house can be a significant challenge for individuals with disabilities. Recognizing this, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) steps in to provide essential support in specific situations. This support is not uniform but is instead carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of each participant.

  • Tailored Assistance: NDIS offers moving house assistance tailored to individual scenarios, not a standard solution for all.
  • Changing Needs: Assistance is considered when a participant’s residence becomes unsuitable due to changes in their disability condition.
  • Person-Centered Approach: The scheme focuses on the dynamic nature of disability, ensuring adaptable living environments.
  • Criteria for Decision-Making: The NDIS looks at factors like accessibility requirements and the adequacy of current living arrangements, prioritizing the participant’s well-being and independence.

What Factors NDIS Consider While Funding for Moving House

The decision to fund moving house under the NDIS is not made lightly. It involves a detailed and careful consideration of various aspects that align with the scheme’s commitment to providing targeted support. This process ensures that the funding is both appropriate and necessary for the participant’s unique circumstances.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Funding decisions involve a thorough evaluation of key factors.
  • Relevance to Disability: Central to this is how the move relates to the participant’s disability-related requirements.
  • Enhancing Independence: The NDIS assesses whether the move will significantly improve the individual’s ability to live independently and safely.
  • Value for Money: This principle is crucial to ensure efficient fund utilization, balancing cost-effectiveness and impact on the participant’s life.

Moving House Aspects Not Covered by NDIS

While the NDIS provides vital support in many areas, it’s important to understand the limits of this assistance, especially regarding moving house. The scheme is designed to focus on disability-specific needs, setting clear boundaries for what it can and cannot fund.

  • Boundaries of Support: The NDIS typically does not cover costs for moves unrelated to disability-specific needs.
  • Focus on Disability-Related Support: This policy helps maintain the NDIS’s focus on funding disability-related needs.
  • Excluded Expenses: Regular moving costs, especially for personal preference or convenience, are often not covered.
  • Operational Integrity: The distinction between disability-specific needs and general living costs is vital for the scheme’s sustainability.


The NDIS’s role in facilitating moving houses for participants with disabilities is a testament to its commitment to providing comprehensive and personalized support. This approach not only addresses the logistical aspects of moving but also upholds the dignity and independence of individuals facing these challenges. 

By meticulously considering each request and offering targeted assistance, the NDIS continues to play a pivotal role in enhancing the lives of its participants, ensuring that their journey to a new home is as smooth and supportive as possible. This service is more than just a practical aid; it’s a reflection of the NDIS’s dedication to empowering individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives in environments that cater to their needs.


What specific moving services can the NDIS fund for house relocation?

The NDIS can fund tailored services for house relocation, including removalist services, transport of belongings, and storage solutions. These services are considered when they are directly related to the participant’s disability needs.

Is temporary accommodation covered by the NDIS during a house move?

The NDIS may cover temporary accommodation costs if it’s essential due to disability-related needs during the moving process, ensuring continuity of care and support for the participant.

Can NDIS assist with the costs of setting up a new home?

The NDIS can assist with setting up costs in a new home if these are directly linked to the participant’s disability, such as special fixtures or disability-related modifications.

Are moving house services under NDIS available nationwide in Australia?

Yes, moving house services under the NDIS are available to eligible participants across Australia, ensuring consistent support regardless of the geographic location.

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