NDIS Pace Rollout: Transforming Disability Services

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NDIS Pace Rollout

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is set for a transformative upgrade with the introduction of PACE, a system designed to revolutionise how services are delivered to participants. As National Disability and Mental Health Services (NDMHS), we are at the forefront of adapting to these exciting changes.

Understanding NDIS PACE Rollout: A New Era for NDIS

Embracing change and innovation, the NDIS introduces PACE, a system destined to transform the landscape of disability services.

What is PACE? 

PACE is a new, user-friendly system slated to replace the current NDIS computer system and myplace portal, aimed at enhancing the service delivery experience.

Why Does PACE Matters?

Initiated in Tasmania in November 2022, PACE is set to streamline operations and improve interactions for both providers and participants, promising efficiency and seamless service delivery.

NDMHS’s Role and Expectations 

As a registered NDIS provider, NDMHS is ready to embrace these changes, anticipating significant benefits for our services and those we support.

PACE Rollout: Updates and Insights for NDIS Providers

As the NDIS embarks on a significant transition, here’s what providers need to know about the rollout and implementation of PACE.

The Rollout Schedule 

Originally scheduled for September, the PACE rollout is now set for February 2024, incorporating feedback for system improvements. Starting October 31st, the transition to PACE begins for new plans and plan reassessments.

Preparing for Transition 

NDMHS is proactively preparing for the phased rollout, especially focusing on unregistered support coordinators and psychosocial recovery coaches to ensure a smooth transition.


NDMHS is committed to staying abreast of these developments, ensuring that we provide the best possible support to our participants during this significant transition. We believe that PACE will greatly enhance the efficiency and quality of services in the NDIS sector.

FAQs about PACE

What is PACE in the NDIS context?

PACE is a new system designed to replace the current NDIS computer system, aiming to improve service delivery and user experience.

When will the PACE system be fully implemented? 

The full implementation of PACE is scheduled for February 2024, with a phased approach starting from October 31, 2023.

How is NDMHS preparing for the PACE rollout? 

NDMHS is actively preparing for the rollout by updating our systems and training staff to ensure effective support for our participants during the transition.

Stay Updated: Accessing Comprehensive Resources on NDIS PACE Rollout

If you’re searching for specific information about the NDIS PACE rollout, you might be looking into various aspects such as “NDIS PACE rollout PDF” for detailed documents, “NDIS PACE login” for accessing the system, or insights on “NDIS PACE self-managed” processes. Many are also keen on participating in an “NDIS PACE webinar” to gain real-time information, learning about the impact on “NDIS PACE participants,” or finding out how to join an “NDIS PACE information session.” For practical guidance, queries like “how to access PACE NDIS” and “NDIS PACE Tasmania” reflect the need for region-specific information and user-friendly access. To address all these queries and provide comprehensive information, we recommend visiting the NDIS PACE update page and the NDS website for detailed insights on the national rollout.

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